Qigong for Health Online

This Qigong is aimed especially for building healthy immune systems, for our body, heart and mind!
We will be doing my favourite form, the Pre-Heaven form. I love this form as it is my seed form, my original Qigong form which I first learnt in 1986 and have practised ever since.  I love it because it covers the basic human energetic anatomy. connecting to heaven and Earth, the front and the back, the arms and the legs the three main centres body, heart and mind and it uses internal alchemy on all the three planes.
I will sign in about 9.50 so we can meet and start a warm up and the class will start at 10 for about an hour. 
Mobile for texts:  44 –(0)-7796896337

Wednesday 10am UK time
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Every Thursday 10am UK time
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Bristol is a hub of practitioners and teachers of Qigong.  The intention of this website is to be a platform for this Qigong network to flourish and for more people to have access to Qigong. We believe that Qigong is just so good for you that it is our mission to make it available to more and more people!