Back to the Woods

Map for Leigh woods class
We meet just up the footpath from the North Road entrance.

September 2nd 2020 and then every Wednesday morning, 10.00 am

I am so delighted that we can meet again in real life. We will do an hour or so of Qigong. I plan to go back to basics and work through the shiabashi forms. I intended to teach Shiabashi set 3 this summer and I hope there is plenty of summer left.

Wear clothes for the weather. Donations are welcome, either in the hat or online.


We will be observing social distancing and keeping enough room to wave our arms about between each other.

Thursday Qigong stays on line

Every Thursday 10am UK time
sign into Zoom
the meeting ID is    –  842 5948 1074
the password is  –   qigong@thu

This Qigong Class is for building health for our body, heart and mind!
We will continue doing my favourite form, the Pre-Heaven form, regularly. But we will also start to use the Shibashi sets. These forms were developed by a group of schools in China to present something simple and profound for Westerners.
I will sign in about 9.50 so we can meet and start a warm up and the class will start at 10.00 am UK time for about an hour. 
Mobile for texts:  44 –(0)-7796896337

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