General Guidance

qi in a park

qi in a Bristol park

General Guidance for attending a qigong class:

  • Qigong teaching ideally takes the form of suggestions which you may wish to work with – but there are no fixed instructions.

Look after yourself (body and mind) and see what works for you.

If any of the practices don’t seem right for you ask for alternative suggestions or leave them out.

  • Let the trainer know about any on-going medical condition, injury/operation or current  treatment  which you feel they should be aware of. If you are in any doubt about the appropriateness of a practice don’t do it and seek advice from your therapist/doctor.
  • Practice will be best done in a spirit of kindness and curiosity about your experience. It is helpful to start with curiosity. Try the practices out, but don’t be overly zealous about them.

That should mean working at somewhere in the middle third (approx 30 – 70%)  of maximum effort). Turn up with an intention to practice but not being competitive with yourself or anyone else!

  • Oh yes – enjoy the practice!

-thank you to Tim Mason for these guidelines

Home Practice

It is more beneficial to practice for a few minutes each day than for a long time only occasionally.  Choose small moments from a class that you enjoy and bring them into your daily routine.  This can be as simple as bringing awareness into ordinary tasks such as standing in the wu chi position whilst doing the washing up!