Lottie Sweeney

LOTTIEAs a commercial painter and model maker, I’m interested in the psychology of the spaces we choose to live in, work and visit and the stories they tell about us. Our bodies also tell the stories of our lives, the joys and pains, the repetitive work, emotional and physical wounds, which can be read in our posture, attitude and movement. I work with a lot of contractors, people who earn a living through the physical use of their bodies. Time after time I meet people with bad backs, early onset arthritis, repetitive strain injuries and white finger. People who often turn to painkillers as a way of remaining physically fit to work. I am passionate about Qigong not only being a classroom activity but one which informs the way we work and live on a daily basis, an activity which improves balance, circulation, stamina, blood flow and internal health. Qigong which increases our ability to work in an efficient way with minimum effort, which reunites us with a connection to our physical selves and the world around us.