Each qigong practice and teacher is entirely unique with their own style, and guiding essence of how and why they teach. Here you can find out about the different teachers to find one to suit you.
We would also like to offer that if you are a qigong teacher and would like to have a profile added we would be more than happy to do so. Just get in touch via the contact page. There is no charge or expectations, just the love to connect more people together with qigong!

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NICOLA200x200Nicola Ley 


Pauline Sasaki has been a great influence over Nicola’s work since the 80’s. more recently Nicola was in a small group of European teachers who studied Pauline’s high-energy work. Nicola has developed this along side her qigong practice and her lightbody work.

Nicola is also an artist. At an early age she was illustrating flowers and later became a botanical artist. Over the last 15 year her work has changed to representing the energy she ‘sees’ while she works with energy.

Nicola teaches:

  • Weekly qigong classes in St Werburghs and Leigh Woods
  • Qigong Teacher Training course (Bristol) – new intake September 2014
  • Women’s qigong
  • Shiatsu;  Mostly multidimensional shiatsu or lightbody shiatsu courses all over Europe including Keintal, London and Brighton

For more information contact:



ADAM200x200Adam Kelly

Adam is deeply connected to the planet, he loves to root to the earth and open to the energy of heaven – this why he does qigong.

Adam is a highly experienced Thai massage therapist based in Bristol and the founder of a unique form of bodywork, a fusion of Thai Massage, Acupressure and Qi Gong. After twenty years of studying complementary therapies, the last eight years have seen Adam developing his own style and practise.

Adam has learned from world-renowned teachers, rooting himself in various styles of Thai Massage and forms of Qi Gong. This education has been vital to his personal development and integral to the skills he has obtained as a therapist. The result is reflected in the depth of Adam’s knowledge and his ability to meet the therapeutic needs of his clients. Adam works in releasing both physical and emotional tensions, promoting relaxation and engendering a profound sense of wellbeing and peace, enabling the body to heal itself effectively.

Adam teaches a weekly drop-in qigong class at YogaEast in Easton.

TIM200x2000Tim Mason

Mindfulness in Movement – ‘bringing the body to mind’

Mindfulness has been described as “paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally” (Jon Kabat- Zinn). It is now well established as a beneficial practice for mental and physical well-being.

The first foundation of mindfulness is the direct experience of the body. Qi Gong is an excellent vehicle for developing the mental focus and emotional stability which is embodied in mindfulness.

This is the focus for Tim’s Qi Gong classes. Home practice is encouraged with handouts, CDs and links to relevant Qi Gong sequences on ‘You Tube’

Tim enjoys spending time walking in the hills or by the coast, encouraging his fruit and veg in the allotment and sauntering down Gloucester Road, BS7. All of which are opportunities to find the ‘extra’ in the ‘ordinary’. He looks for opportunities to teach Qi Gong in Bristol’s parks, woods and gardens as often as possible.

Tim has a Diploma in ‘Mindful Based Approaches’ from the University of Bangor and has qualified in Qi Gong teacher training with the Shiatsu College.

More info at www.bodytomind.co.uk

Tel. 07789 200685

Janice Rossiter

I really love qigong, because in essence it makes me feel good! I have used myself as a test case, practicing different forms and styles of qigong, and found through experience how qigong can really benefit my healing and help me feel well.

I came to qigong through my earlier aikido practice and my work with shiatsu and healing, and they all combine for me in my work with energy.

I want to share my knowledge of meridians, energy and specific exercise for health so others can benefit too.


CAROLINE200x200Caroline Kenmore

Caroline has created her own worldview that synthesises shiatsu, yoga, tai chi and qigong.  The key to this combination is Energy- that which is connected to everything. Caroline studied shiatsu and tai chi at the same time, seemingly polar opposites; one martial aimed at defence, one used for healing. For a long time she kept them as separate systems, as the overlap seemed confusing. Now 25 years later, the synthesis has become the most enlivening and important part of it. Caroline believes if we are allowed to become quiet and still we can re-develop a relationship with those parts of ourselves which are calling out for attention.

Caroline’s practice and skill in this diverse range of systems means she is able to work with a broad range of different people, finding a way to best meet the needs of their stage of life and physical abilities.

If you like letting go and relaxing – come to the party!

a.sticher portrait (2)Alexandra Sticher

I became involved with qigong during my shiatsu training. One day, while dressage horse riding, my absolute passion, I suddenly became conscious of how much more connected I was to my horse. The horse did not need the usual commands – such as leg or rein aids- to stop, trot or canter. The horse seemed to understand what I wanted, as if he and I were one. The dressage exercises flowed blissfully.

Qigong had taught me awareness of body and self from the inside out.  With qigong, thoughts are more focused and the body reacts in a subtle way with powerful effect. As well as horse riding, qigong can be applied to any area of your life such as playing tennis, public speaking, relationships in work and home, and many other things.

Qi Gong continues to transform the way I relate to myself and life around me. It keeps on offering me insights, strength and nourishment. It deepens and informs my work with horses and people, as a shiatsu practitioner and a craniosacral therapist.

‘Make love with the invisible subtle origin of the universe and you will give yourself everything you need’     – a follower of the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said.

This love and healing is available to all of us. I would like to share this practice with you to help you feel more alive, authentic, fulfilled, healthy and happy.

EMILY200x200Emily Taylor

Through my own struggle with my health, I have discovered self-healing and the love that is available to us all.  This has been the greatest gift in my life. Knowing the simple joy of life right now, we can remind ourselves that we can reach our highest potential. The message ‘YOU ARE HERE’ was pinned on my wall for a while. It helped me give up the search for happiness from trying to get somewhere or becoming a better person. If I can be truly present and accept all that I am, I can make real discoveries. Qigong has played a key role in this discovery, both through the practice and the heart-felt community of practitioners and their guidance, and has brought me to train as a qigong teacher.

I have a background in theatre and the creative arts, training in dramatherapy and gaining a degree from Dartington College of Arts, which led me to teach and direct theatre with children. All that I encounter on my journey is part of my enquiring to live to my highest potential. In recent years my life has been touched by the teachings of Visionary Master Bernie Prior. This has brought me to the deep stillness I knew I needed to find. I am discovering I love this life I am living, here in Bristol, working as a childminder and PA for Nicola Ley (co-founder of the Shiatsu College), and developing my qigong practice.


Nina RawstroneNINA

Having experienced the rich process of transformation that Qigong has brought me through my own practice, I would like to share the life affirming portal that Qigong is with you. In a welcoming environment you too can experience the physical and emotional benefits of Qigong through gently movements, stretches and breathing techniques

PAMPam Quirke


Pam began her studies in 1989 with 5 Element Acupuncture, going on to train and qualify in TCM Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Emotional Therapy, Spiritual Healing, Shiatsu, Therapeutic Shamanism, TEK Kinesiology and InterX therapy. Pam teaches Qigong from the heart, sharing with you the nectar of energy work. Her desire is to help you tap into your own healing power. Pam invites you to experience the gentle healing, relaxation and integration of the ancient forms of Qigong – focusing on breathing, movement and awareness. If you are looking for a safe, nurturing and therapeutic space to explore the restorative practices of Qigong, this is the place for you.


Lara EllenderLARA

My journey with qigong has been one of self- discovery and self-acceptance.  Qigong helps me to feel balanced and grounded, allowing a connection with nature, where my body is today and my shifting emotions.   In my teaching, I offer a safe space for you to open your heart to connect with the deep healing potential within us all.


DSC_15556_2Candida Corcoran BA. MA,

My journey with Qigong began as a result of needing to find a way through a midlife crisis and an autoimmune disease. It has brought me so much more than i could have hoped for ; healing, connection, community, creativity, transformation and empowerment.
When we bring ourselves back into balance, and once again go with the flow, allowing the highs and lows, ups and downs, without attaching ourselves to any of it, life seems to fall into place in a magical and mysterious way.  Being in alignment with ourselves, with the changing seasons, the cycles of life and allowing the movement between Yin and Yang in every aspect of our lives, brings us the harmony we are seeking. Nature has been my greatest teacher over the years, and being on the land doing Qigong is my way of moving beyond separation, becoming one with all, all in one.

My background is in the arts, having trained as a painter and printmaker, and I have also trained in Shamanic healing and offer one to one sessions.

I feel really grateful to be able to teach, and pass on the benefits that Qigong can bring you.
Please check my website for further info


IMG_3111Emma Money-Kyrle, BSc, MRSS

I began practicing Qigong during my training as a shiatsu practitioner, as a way of tuning in to my own internal energy system in order to allow me to work sensitively with another person. Qigong has given me so much for my own personal healing and to help support others through my shiatsu.

When I practice qigong I feel more relaxed and at the same time connected to everything that is around me. Physically it helps me to release tension and gives me more awareness of my body, alerting me to when I am straining or pushing myself unnecessarily. It helps me to stay in the flow and gives me a greater sense of peace.

Practicing qigong regularly gives me a feeling of health and wholeness, a feeling I would like to share.

I am also a shiatsu practitioner offering one to one sessions

Classes in Cardiff

Please check my website for more info: www.bringingbalance.co.uk

08020007-2Tallulah Rendall

Tallulah is an independent singer/songwriter who has toured her music all around the world. She is considered a pioneer in the industry for both her crowd funding of four albums and their presentation.  She was recently shortlisted and won highly acclaimed, for an Arts& Culture Award by Women Of The Future for her creative contribution to Music, Literature & Film.

However, after years in the music industry she found herself exhausted and depleted and so in 2010 began her focus on wellbeing and a return to good health.  This soon led to her studying of Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong both of which contributed to an incredible recovery and enabled her to continue with the writing and subsequent release of her third album.

Consequently, she is now as passionate about Qigong as she is about her music, and is completely dedicated to her daily Qigong practice.

This commitment led her to the Qigong Teacher Training course, and the birthing of The Sound of Qi; an amalgamation of her work as a musician and her passion for Qigong.

Tallulah currently holds a weekly Monday Class in Bristol, titled Qi Gong, Mantra & Meditation.  She also offers the following:

Early Morning Dao Yin Classes

Voice Coaching

A Qi Gong & Performance Writing Course

Attuning To The Seasons Course & Classes

Nurturing Our Creativity Course & Classes

For more about Tallulah and her journey with Qigong, and her music visit: