Candida Corcoran

DSC_15556_2Candida Corcoran BA. MA,

My journey with Qigong began as a result of needing to find a way through a midlife crisis and an autoimmune disease. It has brought me so much more than i could have hoped for ; healing, connection, community, creativity, transformation and empowerment.
When we bring ourselves back into balance, and once again go with the flow, allowing the highs and lows, ups and downs, without attaching ourselves to any of it, life seems to fall into place in a magical and mysterious way.  Being in alignment with ourselves, with the changing seasons, the cycles of life and allowing the movement between Yin and Yang in every aspect of our lives, brings us the harmony we are seeking. Nature has been my greatest teacher over the years, and being on the land doing Qigong is my way of moving beyond separation, becoming one with all, all in one.

My background is in the arts, having trained as a painter and printmaker, and I have also trained in Shamanic healing and offer one to one sessions.

I feel really grateful to be able to teach, and pass on the benefits that Qigong can bring you.

Classes are running for 6 weeks at  Backwell Parish Hall BA48 3QW (15 mins out of Bristol on the A370)
Thurs 17th Sept – 22nd Oct
£5 on the door or £25 for all 6!

Please check my website for further info