Emily Taylor

EMILYThrough my own struggle with my health, I have discovered self-healing and the love that is available to us all.  This has been the greatest gift in my life. Knowing the simple joy of life right now, we can remind ourselves that we can reach our highest potential. The message ‘YOU ARE HERE’ was pinned on my wall for a while. It helped me give up the search for happiness from trying to get somewhere or becoming a better person. If I can be truly present and accept all that I am, I can make real discoveries. Qigong has played a key role in this discovery, both through the practice and the heart-felt community of practitioners and their guidance, and has brought me to train as a qigong teacher.

I have a background in theatre and the creative arts, training in dramatherapy and gaining a degree from Dartington College of Arts, which led me to teach and direct theatre with children. All that I encounter on my journey is part of my enquiring to live to my highest potential. In recent years my life has been touched by the teachings of Visionary Master Bernie Prior. This has brought me to the deep stillness I knew I needed to find. I am discovering I love this life I am living, here in Bristol, working as a childminder and PA for Nicola Ley (co-founder of the Shiatsu College), and developing my qigong practice.


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