Emma Money-Kyrle

IMG_3111Emma Money-Kyrle, BSc, MRSS

I began practicing Qigong during my training as a shiatsu practitioner, as a way of tuning in to my own internal energy system in order to allow me to work sensitively with another person. Qigong has given me so much for my own personal healing and to help support others through my shiatsu.

When I practice qigong I feel more relaxed and at the same time connected to everything that is around me. Physically it helps me to release tension and gives me more awareness of my body, alerting me to when I am straining or pushing myself unnecessarily. It helps me to stay in the flow and gives me a greater sense of peace.

Practicing qigong regularly gives me a feeling of health and wholeness, a feeling I would like to share.

I am also a shiatsu practitioner offering one to one sessions

Classes in Cardiff

Please check my website for more info: www.bringingbalance.co.uk