Nicola’s Classes

Qigong Classes 

Classes for health and well-being. Beginners and regular practitioners welcome. Every class will warm up with gentle stretching and moving, then a variety of easy Qigong forms, and always using  a healing form, as the centre of the work.


Qi in the Woods
This is a delightful class, come and see trees in their beauty!
If it is really wet we use the nearby round house which is a very special experience.

Qigong and connecting to the energy of the beautiful trees of Leigh Woods.
2-3 minutes from the North Road entrance, on the lawn.
10 AM Wednesdays

No charge but donations in the hat or on-line are welcome! When it is raining donations go to the homeless.


Thursday Classes stay on-line

Every Thursday 10am UK time
sign into Zoom
the meeting ID is    –  842 5948 1074
the password is  –   qigong@thu

This Qigong Class is for building health for our body, heart and mind!
We will continue doing my favourite form, the Pre-Heaven form, regularly. But we will also start to use the Shibashi sets. These forms were developed by a group of schools in China to present something simple and profound for Westerners.
I will sign in about 9.50 so we can meet and start a warm up and the class will start at 10.00 am UK time for about an hour. 
Mobile for texts:  44 –(0)-7796896337