Caroline Kenmore

CAROLINECaroline has created her own worldview that synthesises shiatsu, yoga, tai chi and qigong.  The key to this combination is Energy- that which is connected to everything. Caroline studied shiatsu and tai chi at the same time, seemingly polar opposites; one martial aimed at defence, one used for healing. For a long time she kept them as separate systems, as the overlap seemed confusing. Now 25 years later, the synthesis has become the most enlivening and important part of it. Caroline believes if we are allowed to become quiet and still we can re-develop a relationship with those parts of ourselves which are calling out for attention.

Caroline’s practice and skill in this diverse range of systems means she is able to work with a broad range of different people, finding a way to best meet the needs of their stage of life and physical abilities.

If you like letting go and relaxing  give shiatsu and Qigong a try:

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