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We are back in real life!

Summer 2020
Quiet mind, clean Qi, makes long life.
One who smiles never ages,

We are air, We are light,
We are water flowing with the tide.
The Murmur from the Pre-Heaven form.  Thank- you everyone who has been joining me.  There is a link to the video of this form on the website – Qigong
Qi in The Woods will start again.
The National Trust is ready for Qigong in the Woods and so am I!
The class will be in the usual place in Leigh Woods,
The red cross on the map above is where we meet.
September 2nd at 10.00am.  
I am looking forward to seeing you all in real life!  We will keep in our own two metre bubbles with enough space to wave our arms about with style!
The Wednesday online class will finish on August 12th

Thursday ONLINE Classes will have a two week break.
No class August 20 and 27th and then back on Zoom, on September 3rd. the same link as before.From September 3rd, every Thursday 10am BST
sign into Zoom – copy into your browser:
the meeting ID is    –  842 5948 1074
the password is  –   qigong@thu

The next Bristol Qigong Teacher Training will start in January.
The last group have been amazing and have coped with the course going online, even doing their final teaching online. The bonus was that our fortnightly meetings helped us stay connected and most of the group taught classes online.      This has prompted us to pilot a new online delivery as well as the weekends. 
I think it provides a way for us all to stay in touch and keep the practice alive. It also saved on travel and is good for the planet!Email –
for a prospectus

A snippet from The Cauldron of Poesy – a 7th Century PoemI sing of the Cauldron of Wisdom bestows the merits of every art, through which treasure increases.
I sing of the Cauldron of Motion which keeps turning from sorrow to joy.
I sing of the Cauldron of incubation which distributes wisdom to people in their youth.
A Druidic version of the Three Dantien or our power centres, body, heart and mind.